Teeny Tots Dance (Parent & Toddler Dance Class)

Join in the fun with our parent & toddler dance class! Get your little ones moving in a creative, fun and imaginative environment. Wands, bubbles, pom poms, instruments, scarfs, feathers and a parachute all make a regular appearance to help you to keep active and entertained together.




Ballet is a beautiful art form that gives a solid foundation to our pupils. It improves co-ordination, balance, confidence, posture and listening skills whilst gaining a sense of discipline through instruction. The skills learnt in ballet will also be taken through to all other genres of dance such as Modern, Tap, Commercial and AcroDance.

We offer ballet classes from 3 years old following The Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus (RAD). The Royal Academy of Dance is one of the world’s most influential dance education and training organisations established in 1920. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is Patron and President is Dame Darcey Bussell, DBE. The RAD’s examinations are recognised by Ofqual and contribute to UCAS points.

Ballet is a wonderful way to exercise for all whilst making new friends along the way!



Following the I.S.T.D Modern Theatre dance syllabus we offer classes from age 4 years and above. Modern is a rhythmic dance style which is often seen on the stages of musical theatre and is known for its theatrical qualities. The style uses travelling steps, high kicks, leaps and turns as well as floor work and elevation steps whilst developing performance. Modern dance is great for building strength and improving flexibility.

Anyone who has a love for theatre will really enjoy this style of dance and it is complimented by our Tap classes and Musical Theatre Class.


Following the ISTD syllabus Tap is an excellent form of dance and a wonderful skill to have. A great form exercise and a must for all those budding dancers who can’t keep their feet still!

Great for improving listening skills, it teaches rhythm, style, balance and

co-ordination. A wonderful lively class that will develop performance throughout. Tap dance is a theatrical art form often seen on stage in musicals and is complemented by Modern and Musical Theatre.

Commercial Dance

If you are looking for a dance class that is high in energy, then commercial is for you! Evolved from urban styles fused together with theatre Jazz, Commercial dance is seen in music videos, television, live performances and of course commercials. Our pupils will learn strong routines whilst building confidence and improving technique as we teach different dances to your favourite songs.



AcroDance is a beautiful fusion of the artistic motion of dance and the athleticism of acrobatics. The Acrobatic Arts program will teach flexibility, strength, balance, limbering and tumbling to develop dancers’ skills which are needed to seamlessly blend dance and acrobatics together. 

It is essential that all dancers within the school take at least one Ballet or Modern class to be able to participate in AcroDance.


Adult Tap

Tap is one of the most iconic and enjoyable forms of dance! A fun and lively class, where all abilities improve technique and style whilst learning routines to music from the West End to Broadway and the silver screen to chart music.

Tap can be gentle and lively making it a fun and a mentally stimulating way to keep fit.

A timeless classic that never goes out of style!

We offer a beginners and intermediate adult tap class so all abilities welcome.

RAD Registered Teachers Status

ISTD Qualified Dance Teacher

DDMIX Qualified Instructor

Acrobatic Arts Certified

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